Sunday, September 04, 2005

Poor english

After screwing with xen for the last four hours I decided to wind down with some netstumbler. One of the pages that I came across was: Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial - A Beginner's handbook. As the title states, this is a beginner's book. The quality of the information is actually pretty good once you get past the poor english within the document.

Its people like Vivek that warm my 'hart' on cold winter days. I see so many people that couldn't care less for others. Vivek, despite his english limitations, is clearly going through great personal effort to help others. This effort is admirable. Vivek, your first beer in Pennsylvania is on me.

In closing, I include some poetry from our writer:

I love linux.

It is different from all other Os
My brother Vikrant also loves linux.
He currently lerarns linux.
Linux is cooool.
Linux is now 10 years old.
Next year linux will be 11 year old.
Rani my sister never uses Linux
She only loves to play games and nothing else.
Do you know?
(DOT) is special command of linux.
Okay! I will stop.


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