Saturday, September 10, 2005

My first impressions of full ubuntu

I have been using ubuntu since before it was called ubuntu (back then it was no-name-yet). I was also the first person that used KDE in the Ubuntu world, predating the efforts of noble projects such as Kubuntu.

I did this not because I happen to be a great KDE fan, but because the gnome software wasn't capable of properly handling my dual head setup properly. If you've ever run a dual-head setup yourself (this is not only possible but reasonably easy with most laptops), then you'll understand the importance of both maximize only applying to one monitor and having windows be created on the same screen that the mouse pointer happens to be on.

The ACPI team has informed me that they plan on hijacking my laptop, a behemoth Sony Vaio A190, while meeting in Canada. This gave me a great excuse to get another laptop. This new one, a T350P is as small and long lasting as the A190 is large but short lived.

Ironically, the new T350P is even more odd than the A190 This machine runs Ubuntu for approximately six hours on a single charge, has a widescreen 1280x768 display and gobs of ACPI problems, most of which have been fixed in the official Ubuntu.

So far my opinion of gnome on the T350P is rather mixed. Watching the processor speed is almost as nice as being able to control the lcd brightness. With the old laptop I was able to apt-get install just about anything I wanted and have the software show up in K->Debian menu. On the little laptop I haven't figured out how to get unofficial software such as pingus to show up in the gnome menus.


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