Monday, September 05, 2005

Live archive support

As many of you are aware, recently the old server suffered massive filesystem corruption (thanks Hans). The machine is back up and configured and is all ext3. The new machine, that used to be called, is now

Reaching the machine via ssh/sftp is a little tricker than before. One can do this by adding the following to their ~/.ssh/config:

Host codehome
Port 1008
ProxyCommand none

Reaching the machine via http is a great deal easier. In that case, one simply points their browser or bazaar at: Listing files will not be necessary as I intend to support readable webdav.

As with before this machine lives on my connection at home. Thusly, if its reasonably possible, use If for some reason won't work for you, get ahold of me and I'll set you up with an account.

For those that it will help, I have a backup of the system from October of 2004, which was the date that the supermirror officially moved to Canonical.


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