Monday, September 05, 2005

Getting community stuff going

Now that I finally have a good handle on Xen I'm starting to do some excellent stuff with it. In the space of about five minutes I can get a new host up on the internet.

I had gotten rather cramped hosting the stuff that I was. I'm very happy about being able to make virtual machines that are exactly tuned to one specific thing. Now I don't have to worry about which people have access to which things via which methods. I just make a new machine for each thing. :)

Tonight I also setup a planet for revision control users and developers. You can find it at I also did a bit of tuning at the wiki and setup a wiki which is essentially empty.

If you work on a free software revision control system and have a blog, then I'm looking for you! Shoot me a mail ( will work as well as anything) and I'll make sure to get it added to the planet.

I also plan on setting up rss feeds for other stuff as well, so that I can planetize them as well.


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